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IGN: Ankier Tylmarande
User ID: Anakaris.8657


User ID: Dracksus.3852

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IGN: Theo Dothraki (80 Warrior), Anasteria X (80 Mesmer)
UserID: PenguinZ.6374
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MY IGN in Crystal Desert is Rune Spirit (mesmer) Thanks ^_^
User is Runeangel.5980

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IGN: Aries Oakenhold
User ID (Name.1234): Mawk.6342

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user id: Budweiser.5487
ign: Kenshi Mura

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Hi Guys, there is an error in the Guild system to invite people to the Guild by entering your nick . Currently the only way to invite people to Guild is by right clicking the name and send out the invite. for those who have applied for the Guild, please PM Einzo or Hugable to get an invitation to the Guild. Thanks!

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