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Offline ArcFinix

IGN: "SOMETHING" Arch, Charmaine Arch (Guardian), Cynthia Arch (Mesmer)

User ID: Archnandez.5610

Offline crow

IGN: Infamous Llew, Shiina Nobuna

ID: Crow.9840
GW2: Infamous Llew (Ranger lvl 80)/Shiina Nobuna (Warrior lvl 80)/ Infamous Oda Nobuna (Mesmer lvl 80)/ Nanami Nobuna (Elementalist lvl 80)
Age of Wushu: OdaNobuna

Offline Sabeios

Offline capriken

IGN: Capriken (Necro)
UID: capriken.1320

Offline ernestfoong

Ernest Foong

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Eva The Great
Silphina Coug

Offline everlast214

IGN: Wintermourne
UserID: quantized.7932

(Note: Can I join the EsF cause my SG/US friends are staying on that guild, thanks)

Offline monkeylols

IGN:Soshi Honey
User ID:Soshi Honey.3807

Offline Mrs Hugs

IGN : keikeikei

Userid : keikeikei.2714

My dear , pls state your toon is what kind ? eg elementatlist etc

And pls state all toons that you have.

Please take note that there are a few of you who also didn't state all your toons as well. Please update.


updated up to this post !

Please note that the guild roster is currently being updated so that we can have a useful database to plan for our activities. That's why we ask for toon names and type.

Wintermourne and Soshi Honey : Can you kindly register to apply to join ESF before end of today which is 21.10.2012 ? We are closing recruitment for 1 week starting 22.10.2012 Monday to Sunday for guild keeping !
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Offline kemparo

Offline addiction69

IGN: Boyfriend X (warrior)

ID: addiction.2371

Offline R.Blood

Offline renewal101

IGN: mee pok ta (mesmer) lvl 28 currently levelling this
IGN: alenthor (ranger) lvl 80

ID: Spank me baby.9263

Offline xrainxfallx

Offline Punkjio

IGN: Nina Atooth, Warrior.
ID: Punkjio.4807

Offline Einzo

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Note to all Guild Wars 2 Guild Applicants: We have received your Guild applications but we will only be able to send out invites earliest by this weekend. Guild is currently full and we are doing our Guild cleanup this week. We seek your kind understanding. Thank you for your patience. :)