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Einzo · 35 · 20078

Offline crow

IGN: GustoDolca

Sporadic online for next 2 weeks (06 - 20 Dec), getting married.

Congratulations to you !! :D
GW2: Infamous Llew (Ranger lvl 80)/Shiina Nobuna (Warrior lvl 80)/ Infamous Oda Nobuna (Mesmer lvl 80)/ Nanami Nobuna (Elementalist lvl 80)
Age of Wushu: OdaNobuna

Offline gendaff

Username : gendaff.4318
Away Duration : 15/12/12 to 01/01/13 (Vacation)

Offline phyllisgal

Username/IGN: Phyllisgal
Away duration: 261212-090113
Reason: Most of the time will be in AOW but will attend most official WvW runs. Will be more active when CBT2 ends

Offline kheesh26

IGN: Juning
User ID (Name.1234): Krisentheo.9062
Away Duration:  5 Jan to 6 Jan 2013 (inclusive) - Moving house

As before, will be playing during weekends mainly, and try to join weekday WvW guild events (Wed & Fri) but lot of work this year.

Offline ShawSmilez

User name: Boren Of Tialíe (Yenkins.6514)

Date Away: 14th Jan - 4th Feb
Reason: Overseas training