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How to Lvl Cooking 0 - 400 in less than a day

Offline Kyndred

Hi guys, Kyndred here,

I've been noticing a few guild members who somehow are moaning and lamenting that they are pumping so much money into cooking just to get a few levels e.g. 2g to get from 125 - 200.

Personally, I hope everyone who wants to level cooking will review these sites below as
they have been a great source of cheap and easy cooking levels for me.

Also within the sites, look around for other guides e.g. Jewelry and Artificer are very cheap compared to the others.

Link--> Outdated prices but ingredient list is correct

Link--> Dynamic Prices that change according to TP

Btw Kid Saber-> [ Invalid YouTube link ]
Guide for farming corrupted lodestones
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