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King's Raid

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Official Website: https://www.plug.game/kingsraid/
Publisher: Vespa
Developer: Vespa
Platform(s): Android, iOS
Current Patch Build: Soul Weapon
Guild Server: Asia

Join us in King's Raid

Post your application with the format listed below:

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Info about the leaders:

Einzo (Guild Leader): Extensive guild leadership experience since the Shattered Galaxy days, as well as during the WoW Burning Crusade era as the leader of 6Days7Nights.

Mionn (Vice Guild Leader): Assisted Einzo in multiple guilds since Age of Wushu. Started KR since 2017. F2P physical main, currently top 100 in Asia for WB2 Protianus.

Guild Requirements:

- No inactivity for more than 3 days without notice

- Mandatory contribution to guild activities ie Guild Raid, Guild War, Guild Conquest. There is NO minimum score required. Participants get a participation reward for doing guild activities regardless of their score. It is also beneficial to your own growth!

- Joining our Discord is a must! This is for easier communication as well as member-member interaction.

- 2000 activity points per week, before reset on Saturday. You get 1500 free stam per day if you spend 500 stam a day. Stamina expenditure means your heroes get stronger, either from farming gear or farming events!

- Most importantly, be nice and have fun  :)



Offline Mion

Mitra guide is done, thanks to Einzo for the photoshop help lul: https://esf.link/mitra

Offline Mion

For those playing KR: If you're still in the guild, please join the Einsof discord: https://esf.link/eindsc
We will be extending the deadline till next Saturday (7 Mar GMT +8). If you have any difficulty meeting the requirements please PM Einzo or me.