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Twilight Spirits 《龙魂时刻》

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Official Website: http://long.163.com
Publisher: NetEase
Developer: NetEase
Platform(s): PC, Windows
Region: China (No IP block, Simplified Chinese support only)
Open Beta: 27 June 2017
Guild Server: Official CN Server - 沙海之星 (Independent from Steam server)
Registration: http://reg.163.com/reg/reg.jsp?product=long&url=http%3A%2F%2Flong.163.com&loginurl=http%3A%2F%2Flong.163.com

Join us in Twilight Spirits

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Recommended: Get onto our Discord server. Some of us will be online daily if you need to contact us. Join our Discord group at http://esf.link/eindsc



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The Open Beta will only have Simplified Chinese localisation, but there seems to be no IP block. You can start downloading and play if you already have a NetEase and/or Revelation 天谕 account.

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Classes (gender-locked, likely due to lore)

Ji Ci - Gunslinger: Mech guy with dual pistols. Weapon skill can also change weapon into a flamethrower, etc.
Gu Yue Cheng - Blademaster: Katana, fast attacker
Ga Na - Assassin: Dual daggers, aerial combo-er
Kui Guang - Brawler: Fists
Long Xia - Swordmage: Sword, crystal (orb?). Sword can change to a greatsword from what I see. Also has ranged magic and sword-summon skill (Revelation's Sword Salvo).
Suo Luo Ya - Druid: Healer, uses magic rod to cast attacks.
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We will likely be on the official CN servers (non-Steam servers). Using a 3rd-party ping booster might not reflect well on a Steam account.

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