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Eclipse: Avalon's Gate is a tactical warfare RTS in which you must expand and colonize the environment surrounding you while out strategizing your opponent


In Eclipse: Avalon's Gate humanity has stumbled upon a treasure trove known as Avalon. This is a galaxy full of exotic and precious resources which could help us turn humanity into a Utopian society.

However, every treasure has a guardian. And this treasures guardian is a vicious race known as the Kha'Dari. They are a greedy, proud people, and they want to keep Avalon to themselves. They believe our knowledge of Avalon's location is a threat to their existence, and they will stop at nothing to destroy the human race as we know it.

Fight off the Kha'Dari system by system using fleets to destroy their strongholds on planets. Defend your planets using offensive turrets and defensive barricades. Upgrade your units to become elite fighters, unstoppable tanks, or give them utilities to power up your other units!

for more information about the game, you can check us at:
Website : http://www.eclipseavalonsgate.com/

if you have suggestions or comments, we're glad to hear it. reply here.

 note * the project is setup for flex funding and that the donations are only to add additional content. The game is in production to improve it to your pleasure.
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