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IMPORTANT: Moving on from FFXIV Announcement

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It is rather unfortunate but we have decided to disband our FFXIV Free Company just a few days after a new GM has been appointed. I will like to thank everyone for the memories we have created together.

We had 2 options to disband the FC -

1) Use the disband FC function in the game to officially disband everything. Choosing this option will dissolve the FC and everything will be gone (company credits, chest, etc).

2) Remove everyone in FC (due to the in-game system whereby leadership will be randomly passed to any member once leader is inactive for awhile). Choosing this option will allow the FC to be around with everything intact.

We decided to go with option 2 so that we will still have the FC with us when we decide to play again in future. Everyone will be most welcome to join back again should you decide to, once we are back. The company credits, Gil etc will be left untouched and will be used as originally intended - FC housing, etc in future.

For those who have been with us, you should know that we do NOT like to remove people and have always been extremely lenient to members, regardless due to inactivity, etc.

For those who have donated to the FC Housing fund and wish to have their Gil back, please contact us at http://einsofgaming.com/contact with whatever proof you have to show that you have donated and the amount donated. Once verified, we will return the Gil to you. Note (To protect the interest of the FC and you): 1) You have to be online and present during the transaction. 2) You have to be on same server. Time frame: You have until end of June 2014 to get your donation back.

Henceforth, our chapter in FFXIV is officially closed.. until further notice. We will be moving on to other games for now. Ladies and Gentlemen.. it's been an honor playing with you.

I do NOT wish for any drama. If you have any questions, please PM me and I will answer them accordingly. This is a notice and announcement to all. Any unpleasant comments will be deleted or result in being banned. Please keep it clean and civil. Thank you.

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Those who want to get their Gil back and have already requested, please be online as I might not have you on my friend list. If I am not online, you can find me on RC. Until both parties are online I will be unable to do the transaction, remember, it's your Gil. You have until end of June to do so.