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Guild upgrades helpers needed

Offline phyllisgal

The guild always wanted to have dedicated people to help contribute wood and metals to the upgrades of the guild but no one wants to fork out the 100Liang for the person helping to contribute. This resulted to random contribution of different people as and when they have extras or unable to sell them in market.

I will contribute the full 100L(inclusive of GST) to the person who volunteered to be contributer.

I would like to propose a systematically way of guild upgrades contributers. For a start we will need 1x woodcutter and 1x metalcutter to farm for mines and wood.

My proposal is 10000wood/metal a month which is an average of 350pieces a day. With the x2 activated, you only need 175pieces a day. Given the average pieces you get per node is around 3, hence will need to find ~60nodes per day. I assume it will take 1-2hr of your time to find them?

As the guild upgrades increases, the upgrade will require more advanced materials which i feel that there will be lesser nodes around. As such contribution would be cut to 7000pieces a month or the implementation of another set of helpes which makes it 2 woodcutter and 2 metalcutter.

Of course the more you find you can sell them to market or contribute to the guild more. What i need is a screenshot spam of 2000pieces(10 slot of your inventory) each time you contribute to the guild upgrades. Please contribute and farm accordingly to the requirements needed.



Any suggestion or feedback about the proposal please keep them coming in as i have little to no knowledge about farming wood and metal because im just a escorter hahaha.

Offline Pork

10,000 a month may be too much. Especially when higher lvl ores take ard 5min,20min,30min to spawn.

you should look at multiple contributors.

Offline RenYinYin

before you get the woodcutter and all this.

Please get the foundation done first. So many people have quitted. If i am you i will convince the rest back, but base on the assumption that the rules and all the necessary are drafted out like what are the short term and short term goals.

And also if you look at the forum, those who post in forum have already quit the guild. And also you will need to come online often.