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One fine day in Qian Deng Town...

Offline Mistaine

And so I was walking around QD, minding my own business when some dude from Cupidz pm-ed me asking for help. I asked what it was abt... Pictures tell it best i guess.

So it turns out this Shiva is their Vice Guild leader but is asking a mid lvl member to help identify the TM who messed with her/him. Didn't like the way he was talking so i ignored her/him. He/she didn't reply after that post.

Offline yui

Yeah probably better to just ignore it for now . But its good to make a record of this just in case.

Offline yuxiang856

dots dots.. kanna kill liao just res jiu hao liao wat.. why such a big fuss out of nothing sia..

sibei loser..

Offline capriken

It's weird when the 'tang from Einsof' is on his KOS list when he does not have his exact name.

That being said, guys...please don't KOS this guy or his guild because of this...

Offline Duke

Offline Mistaine