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Name: James Chua
Gender: M
IGN: Makayla

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Kingdom Under Fire II Guild is UP and Running! The game system made it such that the Guild invitation can only be sent by right clicking the player's character. PM or Add Einzo, Myon to your friends list so we that can meet up and send you the invite.

We will usually be online from 8PM GMT+8 on wards on weekdays and earlier on weekends. If you are not able to find us in game, you may look for us in Raidcall. Group ID: 3540514. Download Raidcall @ http://www.raidcall.com/

We are still recruiting more players for the Guild. Leave your IGN (In-Game-Name) on this thread.

Sorry for the wait and see you in game! :)

Offline lkytrebla

Name: Albert
Gender: M
Country: SG
IGN: ArcNemesis

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IGN: chuman

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Name: Ken
Gender: Male
Country: Singapore
IGN: xCocytus

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Name: Jun
Gender: M
Country: Singapore
IGN: Madness

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Name: Shigeki
Gender: M
Country: Singapore
IGN: Shigeki